Launch of the world’s first hybrid work experience centre

hybrid work experience centre

Hybrid work has already become the standard for numerous companies, especially after the pandemic. This culture supports people who want to work from the office and home. If you are an avid lover of this kind of work then you will be exhilarated to know that the world’s 1st hybrid work experience centre (HWEC) has opened its doors in Dubai Design District for people. Continue reading this post to explore more about this experience centre in Dubai at the Bene Showroom.

Is hybrid work culture the future?

Yes, definitely hybrid work is the future of employees as most of them prefer this kind of work. Each business requires to evolve its organizational culture. Why? As it helps in uniting people via a common purpose, helps engage employees and facilitates – innovation, collaboration, as well as learning. When all these components amalgamate together, a good culture thrives. After the pandemic, strong and efficient company culture must be accepted widely as the main key to a successful business. To aid companies to boost their employee experience and promote growth, adapting the culture which adapts brilliantly to hybrid working styles can work wonders. Hybrid working can fetch out the best from not only business but also from employees.

When employees are asked to make a selection – they prefer mostly hybrid kinds of working models as their best working arrangement. Did you know that as per research made by Jabra, 68 per cent of workers feel that their absolute work week can be the combination of office and remote working?

What are the benefits of shifting to a hybrid working model?

Have a look at these benefits which the hybrid working model can offer:

• It inculcate a strong sense of purpose throughout the organization in order to unite people for a common goal.

• It helps in keeping the sentiments of employees intact with well-being through the latest technology.

Due to all these benefits, undeniably the future of work is – Hybrid.

What HWEC (hybrid work experience centre) is bringing?

The hybrid work experience centre is bringing you a chance to get a real feel & touch of a perfect future office. HWEC is allowing visitors to experience the hybrid model office. It has excellently merged contemporary design with cutting-edge furniture along with technology. What hybrid work experience centre can accommodate? HWEC can help in the finest accommodation of many areas – a) Secluded workspaces b) Semi secluded workspaces c) Conference rooms & meeting spaces (hybrid as well as in-person meeting purposes.

The technology exhibited:

1. Workplace Furniture by Bene

Bene offers adjustable workspace solutions for office space and homes, where multiple hybrid teams can collaborate. Bene along with NOOXs provides modular partitioning for creating useful spaces in open offices. 

2. PanaCast Video Conferencing Solutions from Jabra

PanaCast 50 is the first and latest intelligent video bar. It is built with three 13-megapixel cameras (highly accurate) which can be mounted in multi-camera arrays. It can cover each room’s part. The real-time video stitching technology takes the decision to catch exactly the perfect point and creates a smooth 180-degree view in HD Panoramic-4K. 

3. Team Room systems by Microsoft

Microsoft team room systems provide the best flexibility of goal and also the flexibility of movement which usually conventional meeting rooms can’t do. Consumers can boost their collaboration through digital whiteboards & people tracking cameras to ensure each participant is seen irrespective of their presence in the room.

4. Controller and Thinksmart core by Lenovo

To add smart and intelligent technology to video conferencing rooms of every size, Lenovo Controller and Thinksmart core are best. The complete kit comprises “ThinkSmart Core” which is a computing device and a controller display.

5. Dutco Tennant LLC

For more than forty excellent years, Dutco Tennant LLC has been serving their customers in the Middle East & GCC region. They are into the highly-focused and seamless distribution business with twelve business verticals working in 7 countries. DT is determined to offer a unique experience for partners to exhibit their top-class solutions in d3 by collaborating with reputed industry vendors.

6. Wireless collaboration from ScreenBeam

They help in connecting user devices wirelessly to displays & peripherals for content sharing in the video conferencing room.

7. ONELAN Room Reserva meeting room signage

They offer the newest room booking feature and serve as a dynamic communication platform.

8. Pana screens by Jupiter

Their Pana screens are of 5K resolution which brings a fresh factor to the traditional display market.

9. Wireless Sharing System by Nureva

Nureva is making it easy to get the best audio for team meetings.

10. NEC screens

To get a smooth meeting experience and immediate access in a remote or room, MultiSync WD551 can be the smartest solution.


We hope you have liked reading this post about HWEC which is giving end-users, system unifiers etc an opportunity to receive first-hand inspiration. Join the leading partners and begin your planning to design your office space.


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